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DC Motors and Gearmotors

Buehler Motor is an international company specializing in DC drive solutions. Their standard product line ranges from 18mm to 76mm diameter, 1.5 to 400 Watts. Buehler also makes brushless DC motors, linear actuators and DC pumps.

Miniature DC Motors and Gearmotors

Nidec Copal is a leading manufacturer of miniature DC motors, gearmotors, miniature stepping motors, custom actuators and ultra-quiet cooling fans. Copal's standard product line ranges from 3mm to 22mm diameter.

Motors and Gearmotors

SPG Motor is a large international manufacturer of high quality motors and gearmotors. SPG makes a broad line of AC, DC and brushless DC gearmotors with speed controls, AC and DC gearmotors and industrial grade planetary gearboxes.

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